adara Reid

Adara is the library gremlin, afraid of bright lights and subsisting on coffee. Studying as a cinema specialist, she has no professionalism to bring to the podcast aside from a deep-seated passion for research that has been forced upon her by her program. Nevertheless, she digs through the newspapers and books happily, bringing the histories to life alongside Kenzie’s legends. Oh, and did you hear? She’s obsessed with aliens.

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Kenzie maclaren

Kenzie is the artistic talent and drive behind the podcast. Enrolled in a journalism program in Toronto, she’s the one who brings the air of professionalism to the production, as well as all the amazing artwork you see on our social media. Her incredible talents are matched by her passion for the supernatural and a steadfast belief in ghosts.

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ethan reid

Ethan is the musical genius of the team, responsible for the theme music you hear at the beginning of every episode, and throughout. Conned into helping out by his older sister, Ethan’s musical compositions may very well be the best thing about the show. Be nice to him, we want him to stick around.