Host Adara with Episode 16 guest adrian @ buddies in bad times

Host Adara with Episode 16 guest adrian @ buddies in bad times

We specialize in everything you find at the crossroads of society. Here to share the legend and lore of our own city, and some world-wide phenomenon, through a historical analytical and supernatural investigative lens. We grow and learn alongside our listeners - we’re here to have fun, and encourage you to do the same.


About Us Dead Men

Dead men may not be able to podcast, but we sure can!

Dead Men Don’t Podcast was a project started by Kenzie MacLaren and Adara Reid in the summer of 2018. Something that began as a simple exploration of haunted locations in their home city of Toronto, Ontario very quickly grew into something a little bit bigger.

Now extending their reach into legends and lore that span worldwide, (and the occasional alien tale, assuming Adara manages to shoe-horn it in,) the girls are excited to see where their next story will land them every week, while still never forgetting their Toronto roots.

On the weeks they don’t have full episodes, or sometimes as extra supplement to the stories they tell on a bi-weekly basis, the girls host a sub-series on the podcast called the Supernatural Hotline where listeners can call in to talk to them and share their own personal ghost/haunting/alien stories.