The legends, the hauntings, the Canadianisms.
Your new favourite ghost podcast.
Or not. We don’t haunt you.



Main Episodes

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Join us on our journeys through Toronto’s most haunted locations and listen in on our conversations with historians, guards, guides, and more…

Supernatural Hotline


The Supernatural Hotline features listener stories; from crows to warships, you’re sure to find a true listener tale that will chill you to the bone…



Hat Men and Cryptids and Aliens, oh my! The specials are where our creature features and deep lore dives lie. When the ghosts won’t cut it…



This is a situation that I would not have believed
unless I had lived it…”

Jennifer Joudrey
Supernatural Hotline 001: Graveyards & Birds


Guest Episodes

Haunted Warship
Hailey’s House
Pioneer Village
Rebecca’s Walmart
Joe’s Woes